Expectations and Independence

Have you ever been in an experience where what you contributed, has, in your mind, expected a certain something? Have we had high expectations of a person, be that a partner, friend or co-worker, just to be let own and baffled when those expectations aren’t met? Then again, should I expect anything from anyone? I’ve […]

Wasted in September

Happy October!! Fall is here and change is in the air! I am feeling it big time…are you?? Just this week alone has roughed up the usually-calm ocean that is my mind.  Today I am feeling completely bliss-ed out, due to taking time and relaxing in the cool fall air outside, staring at the mountains, […]

Keto + Running

Happy Saturday and I hope your weekend has had a fantastic start! I’m here today to speak about my recent re-ignition of my fitness routine and diet. I decided to cut cold-turkey and commit to a ketogenic diet a couple weeks ago, and my roommate (shout out Havi!) and I have inspired each other to […]

Wasted in August

Good evening and welcome to Wasted in August! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited mercury retrograde is over! Not like the last few weeks have been bad, but they have been a challenge. They have also inspired a lot! The eclipse combined with is brought to the surface a relationship I’d […]

Vivid Dreams

One night recently, I had an extremely vivid dream. Now, I tend to go in and out of cycles where I dream a lot and they are CRAZY and strange, but other times I don’t dream at all. This one stood out to me most… Nolan and I are pet sitting a cat for a […]

Wasted in July

Hello and happy August!  I am finally settled in here in Colorado Springs, I’ve found a amazing full-time job, I’m beginning to utilize my yoga and crystal healing biz, and I’ve even had my first out-of-town visitor! (Holla at the lil’ sis Clara!) Slowly but surely, the zero waste lifestyle has become easy again. I’ve […]

A Week In the Life

Firstly, I want to start this email by saying THANK YOU to every one of you that opens and reads my newsletter and thanks to all of my blog readers! You've gotta know, I try really hard to envision and establish a "brand" for myself, so to speak. I know that the world of yoga, […]

Wasted in June

Hey hey, and Happy July! I am BACK full swing in my zero waste journey. In May I took a little hiatus because I had SO much to get rid of during the move! I still did my absolute best with recycling, reusing or re-gifting, although some old sheets, clothes, food containers may have ended […]

Breathe and Trust

Happy Summertime from Colorado Springs!! Nolan and I are FINALLY settled(ish) here in the Springs after a brief trip back home for my car, dog, and hedgehog, among other things. We drove back on the 4th of July, leaving at 6am and didn’t stop till 7am the next day in Colorado! (I know, we’re crazy, […]

Zero-Waste Moving

We DID IT!! Nolan and I made it to Colorado Springs. Life and this journey have been so good to us. We are full of gratitude and excitement. You may or may not have noticed a lack of a “Wasted in May” blog post, and I explain it further down. As you  are (hopefully) aware […]