Springtime, Sunshine and Flowers


Here in Southern Pines, we have finally reached springtime! 70 degree weather, sunshine, bumblebees and blooms! I am not a winter/cold person AT all. I’ve been “homesick”, missing the beach and the sunshine on my skin. And also the clear skin the sunshine gives me! I’m 21 and still getting acne, dammit.

*let it go Sophie, let it go*

Anywhozles, here are a few photos I wanted to share with you this week. While nothing can quite capture the good vibes I’m getting from this weather, I can at least share this bit of my world!

imageMy friends baby cherry blossom tree!


Beautiful contrast, right in downtown Southern Pines


A snail friend!


These teeny tiny flowers grow in the ditches alongside the road, where all the rainwater flows. There are thousands of them!image


How gorgeous is this mushroom?!image

Savasana after yoga in the sunshine!


A wonderful sour beer from my fave weekend hangout, Southern Pines Growler Company!

imageMore sunshine yoga!


My photos can never do justice to how gorgeous nature really is.


My angel-boy Smidge!


Kickback and soak up all the springtime sunshine in an ENO hammock! I just got one and they are the bomb-dot-com.

Thank you for reading! Send my some of your photos if you’d like! You can always contact me at sophieelizabeth@gmail.com

Namaste, Sophie



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