Also known as Foodie Heaven. At least in my book! I recently returned from a lovely weekend trip to Asheville, NC. It was about time for a trip away, to escape for a bit, as I’ve been stressing myself out to the max with anxiety over how much I work, my personal relationships, and of course financial c-r-a-p.  So I raked up my funds and loaded up my weekender and said “Seeya later Southern Pines!” I made sure to leave all of my worries behind.

I had such a pleasant drive up, as the weather was gorgeous on Friday, so I let the windows down and my 80’s Rock blast in the car on the way there.  Upon arrival at UNC Asheville, I got to reconnect and stay in my best friends dorm. We’ve been tight since like….age 6.

The first thing we did was grab food. (Shocker.) We dined at Heiwa Shokudo, an amazing sushi place on Lexinton avenue right in downtown. I had my first broth bowl consisting of soba noodles, spinach and braised brisket. My friend got an amazing sushi lunch combo.


After that healthy, hearty lunch we proceeded to shop. My favorite find in Honeypot vintage shop, (also on Lexington Ave.) were these retro shades! I’m all about some hip sunglasses.


I also snagged some crystals from the Cornerstone Crystal Shop. My heart was gonna beat out of my chest, it was all so beautiful.

For dinner we went to the Tupelo Honey Cafe, located across from the drum circle on College St.

Hands down, BEST meal I have EVER had.

Southern style cooking made from scratch, with Tupelo honey included in most meals. As a free starter, they bring you warm, mouthwatering biscuits with homemade blueberry jam and Tupelo honey. This could have been my chili-salt rimmed, freshly squeezed margarita talking, but I about cried I was so happy, it was so amazing. We ordered the bbq pork egg rolls for an appetizer. Again, just flawless! Un-describable tastiness. As my entree, I ordered carnitas tacos with apple and jalapeño salsa. So fresh, light and a nice kick! If I had any room left I would have had dessert.

I’m pretty sure I would have cried then.



I proceeded to work off the food by dancing in the Friday night drum circle. It was so amazing how everyone around me just welcomed me in to dance with them! No one cared how they looked, we just all danced to the dozens of drums beating and let loose. Such a freeing, exhilarating time!

I wanted to give myself some TLC while I was there. Saturday morning I let myself sleep in, and mid-morning took a gentle restorative-yin class as Asheville Yoga Center. My body thanked me! The studio was just gorgeous. Class was held in the blue room, with Windows living the walls and a giant mural of clouds and sky. I highly recommend stopping by when you stay in Asheville!

Saturday night was my party night. We started at Papas and Beer, a Mexican restaurant past the tunnel. $3.50 margaritas and giant burritos. Nuff said.

One of my favorite microbreweries is Wicked Weed, located there in Asheville. I made it a point to visit their other brewery, the Funkatorium. The Funkatorium is nothing but sour craft beers. I was in absolute heaven! We had a flight of beers varying from black cherry, to elderflower, to my takeaway bottle of Oxagon, smoked grapefruit and lime beer, soured in tequila barrels.

Sold yet?



Following our Funkatorium visit, we proceeded to run drunk in stilettos to catch the bus that took us to my first, and probably last college party. Being the routine-following chick I am, I was passed out at 12….yep. Last college party. Need I mention I was also the first one out on my 21st birthday? At least I’m still getting enough sleep!

Of course, visiting the mountains wouldn’t be complete without driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We reached a point where it started snowing! We enjoyed our magical, serene drive.


To warm up afterwards, (and ward off our hangovers) we proceeded to Dobra tea. Dobra tea is a european chain/franchise. They sustainably source the highest quality of teas from all over the world and serve them traditional style, right there in the cozy, Moroccan style shop. There were handmade tea sets and jars of dried tea lining the walls, gorgeous interior design with beautiful arches and tables. The back area had pillows and low tables on the floor to take a break and sip your tea…shoeless.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture many pictures of it. But I’ll be back!



It’s Sunday evening at this point. I’m reaching the last of my funds, so we go out for one last dinner. Shrimp pad-Thai and sushi from one of the many amazing Asian cuisine places around there.


We wish this was our plate!


Asheville is an amazing city. So much diversity, so many nice people, and SO much amazing food! It’s definitely on the list of potential places to live. If you’ve ever been to Asheville, please tell me what you love there! And if you haven’t, well I hope this post inspired a road trip!

Thanks so much for reading, and happy travels!




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