Earth Day + DIY

One of my favorite days of the year is nearly here! Earth Day! This year it falls on Friday, April 22. This event means so much to me. I am an avid user of the three R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! (This is also the day I can talk earth-recycling facts without people wanting to smack me.)


I am always actively looking for new ways I can help the environment. I strongly believe, that if we as a human race continue to take it for granted, and never return the favor, one day Mother Earth will quit serving us. I am currently aiming for a Zero-Waste lifestyle. It’s a big transition for me now that I’ve fully realized how much I actually do waste! The best way to figure out where you could change your habits, is to go through your trash and recycling and see what you toss the most. I’ve started switching all my plastic containers to porcelain ones, as well as mason jars. I’ve been using mason jars for everything from storing food, my daily water or coffee, transporting snacks. Endless possibilities! I also never use plastic grocery bags, I always bring my own reusable shoppers. Most places often give you 5 cent discounts per bag you bring! Cha-ching! $$$

Another thing I avoid is utilizing the plastic produce bags at the store. They are completely unnecessary! For smaller things like beans and shallots, I bring a small cloth bag to fill. I’ve also started a compost pile. You can compost anything but meat and citrus.

Another way to help reduce your environmental impact, is to grow your own herbs and veggies! It saves gas and labels, and you know exactly where your food comes from and how it’s grown. Win win!

DIY – Magnetic Picture Board


This week I’ve put together a DIY for you to try! It used mainly recycled materials. Most of us have a bottle cap collection hanging around….but why? Did we ever think about what we were to do with it?
I have a solution!


Recycled DIY – Magnetic Picture Board
Bottle Caps
Old sheet of steel or cookie sheet


This is literally the easiest project ever. Grab some cool bottle caps, and use any type of strong glue to attach the magnets! The magnets will of course attach to the lid manually, but the glue makes it easy to pull them off the board without separation.IMG_1382IMG_1386

I grabbed an old cookie sheet, and spray painted it gold. Spray paint isn’t entirely the most eco-friendly stuff, however I like to believe I have a nice system to balance that out.IMG_1383

That is all there is to it! If you have leftover materials that seem useful, then brainstorm how you can utilize that! If you can’t use them, there are often daycare facilities that will use leftover boxes/paper-towel tubes/bottles and more for crafts, so reach out to them!

There is a reason Reduce Reuse Recycle is in that order….

  • First; reduce your waste,
  • Second; reuse everything you can
  • Third; when there is no longer a purpose for it, recycle it!

How do you help out the environment? Share your habits and methods in the comments, or email me!

SPECIAL EVENT – Earth Day Yoga in the Park! FREE!
Friday, April 22 from 3-4pm.

Multi level flow class, for newbies and seasoned yogis alike! Option to stay for snacks and socializing afterwards. Rain or shine, we shall gather and have a great time!
Downtown Southern Pines Park



Until next time folks. Love and light!



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