To Feel is to be Alive

Lastnight, I cried.

Lastnight, I felt sad and overwhelmed.

Lastnight, I looked up and I saw a big, bright, beautiful orange moon, and It reminded me of how big and vast and this life is, and I allowed myself to feel.

Through my practice of yoga, I am able to stay present and calm through most moments. And during those times I am strong, confident, full of love, and contentedness.

But my anxious mind still suffers and worries. And that’s OK.

Lastnight, I allowed myself to feel the anxiety, the worry, the sadness and the pain.

I allowed myself to worry about my finances, hoping I’m able to afford an enjoyable trip this weekend, and pay rent.

I allowed myself to be anxious about my first airplane ride ever.

I had compassion and felt the pain for my loved ones who are suffering.

I felt alone, and I felt silly for bringing any attention to myself.

But I look up at the moon and I know. This is it. I am exactly where I need to be. It’s okay to feel these feelings and ask for help, because I’m human. And to feel is to be ALIVE.

I am deserving of someone to hold me and to tell me for once, to breathe. Because it will all be OK.

So I let them hold me and I breathe and I become present once again.

Then I remember…I live a full, happy, and fortunate sunshine-filled life. I have gratitude for being able to feel. And I’m going to be okay.

And guess what?

You are too.


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