Chakra Meditation ~ Balance

Good evening everyone, and Happy Rainy Memorial Day to those of you relaxing at home, snuggled with your dogs and hot tea.
I am really happy to give you this new meditation “sequence” or “technique” that I just began while sitting in one of my own meditations. I hope it may help some of you looking to find balance, and focus and relaxed state-of-mind.




~~~~Chakra Meditation~~~~
Find a comfortable seat, such as criss-crossed,
in a chair, or supported Heros’ posture, with your eyes closed.

Breathe through your nose and finding a deeper, slower rhythm of breathing.

On an inhale, sweep arms up into the air, and hold your palms close to one another. In the space between, Imagine a bright Violet light begin to shine, gathering Spirit energy.
On the exhale, gather that light down to your heart.

Repeat the above sequences, replacing the color and energy with the next Chakra down.

If you aren’t familiar with the Chakras, recording you teaching or saying this meditation, and listening back to it, you will begin to learn them all.
Also, here is the breakdown for when you read them.

Chakra 6- Indigo and Light Energy
Chakra 5- Blue and Air Energy
Chakra 4- Green and Love Energy
Chakra 3- Yellow and Fire Energy
Chakra 2- Orange and Water Energy
Chakra 1- Red and Earth Energy

Try it, see if you like it. and of course no worries if you don’t.
Thank you for reading and let me know the results of your’e meditations!

Love and light and have a wonderful day!


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