Social Media Stress

Hello Beautiful!
I’m writing today about some important issues I’ve recently fallen victim too.
It’s been causing me to over-think what I do on a day-to-day basis, and constantly put myself down because I CANT manage to do it all. And I’ve finally pinpointed the source of my stress…
Social Media.

I love it, but I hate it.
Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, shopping online or even in store, there is pressure everywhere!
Pressure to be “perfectly balanced”, whatever that means. Working out every day, doing yoga and meditating every day, planning your balanced healthy meals, scheduling your smoothies. Rocking perfect Victoria’s Secret abs. Lastly, keeping up with Instagram to make sure everyone knows you do this stuff too….


Lastnight, around 11pm (past my bedtime!) while frantically rushing to pack a bag, unpack my messy purse, plan my coming day, get my (healthy, organic, local UGH) meals together so I could try to get my meditation in, (yes, rushing to meditate) Nolan told me to just sit down.
So I did….and when I did I literally told myself, “I cant do it all. I failed today.”

I have had the roughest time in terms of feeling like I am enough. My mind is constantly racing, “What can I do better? How can I be healthier? What do you think *they* do?” And these thoughts are eating me alive. Not to mention, I’m a Virgo. I have the tendency to need to carefully list and schedule everything out for the week. At times, I feel that no one understands how my mind needs to work. (And trust me, I’ve tried letting go of list making….nope.) If everything isn’t crossed off that list, I freak out.

I’ve recently read/lived a few things that have helped to open my eyes on this subject.

A) Nobody has a picture perfect life.

B) You have to give up pretty much every indulgence, spare time and social outings if you want to focus on having VS Angel Abs. It’s just fact.

C) Using social media in unconscious ways can definitely lead to stress, anxiety, self-worthiness and confidence levels going down.

I have actively practiced leaving my phone at home, resisting snapchatting my whole day or instagram-ing a meal. By the time I’m done posting my snapchat, that beautiful moment is gone. I didn’t full enjoy it. By the time I instagram my meal, its gotten cold. When I get the urge to use social media, I take a breath and as myself these things first:

Will it benefit me? Will it benefit others? Will I miss a beautiful moment? Does it represent how I feel?

Begin to ask yourself these questions before picking up the phone. You’ll begin to live a much more mindful life.  While there is nothing wrong with using it as a way to connect to others, make sure your not disconnecting yourself from life. And when you share, share the truth. Be yourself.

Post with love. 😉


This is what I’ve begun to tell myself if it begins to bring me down. I tell myself the truth.

I am beautiful. Even with my sun spots, even with my anxiety scars, even with my small layer of love (fat) from delicious food I shared with loved ones covering my Victorias Secret Angel Abs (They are there, I know it.)

I do my best.
If I just try my best everyday to better myself, even if its committing to just 11 pushups and quitting for some Ben and Jerrys, it’s enough. I weight-lift, walk a ton, practice yoga whenever I can and I’ve started running 1 mile in the mornings. However, those couch days will come calling my name, and 11 pushups is better than nothing at all. Odds are, if I can only manage 11 pushups, I probably chased kids around all day, so that’s fine too.

I eat just fine.
I am a huge supporter of natural, organic foods. I believe eating (mostly)gluten free is best for the body. I believe homemade and simple is best. But I eat 80% healthy, 20% crap, and that’s ok! I know what I really need to stay away from, but I also know to give into my cravings because they won’t go away until I do.


What truth are you not telling yourself?


Love of love to you all!


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