Crafty YogiSophie – Glittery Acorns!

Channeling my second chakra…lets get crafty!

I’ve always loved seeing glittery acorns filling vases, hanging from mobiles, or sittin’ pretty in decorative dishes. After a few years of acorn-envy, I’ve finally set out to make my own. Mobile-style! I love this craft because it uses mainly natural supplies you can find outside, and then you’ve got your glue and glitter. Simple as that! Here we go…

~Glittery Acorn Mobile~

Supplies ~

  • A bunch of acorns
  • A nice stick (or group of sticks to tie together and make a circle)
  • Twine
  • Glitter in wintry or fall colors
  • Glue
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Clothespins

The first step is to establish how long you want this to last. If your looking for it to last a few years, I highly recommend dehydrating your acorns so they don’t moldy! A great article for that here.

After that comes the fun part! Lay out your stick for the mobile (if using) and cut your twine to the lengths you desire. Attach to the stick and seal with a swipe of glue.  Don’t forget the string your hanging it from!

Lay out your acorns along the string where you want them to hang. You’ll need some good acorn tops for this. *Note* A lot of times, the tops came off. Just a swipe of glue to get them back on.

One by one, use the paintbrush to carefully brush glue onto the acorns, skipping or including the toppers. Up to you! Then I had little pots of glitter and dunked them in and brushed them off with a dry brush. Repeat with remaining acorns.

Let dry.

Final steps! Tie the acorns onto the twine and seal with a dab more of glue.

Hang in desired location and admire the glittery gorgeousness!


Thanks for reading and I hope your crafty dreams come true!

Lots of love and Happy Happy Holidays!

Sophie <3

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