When your having a bad week….

We’ve all been there at some point.

As soon as you can, take as much time for yourself as life allows and go through this list. These relaxing activities of mindfulness and letting go help me to feel better after a stressful week/day/hour and I only wish for them to assist others so that you may feel grounded and calm again.


When your having a bad week…

  1. Walk away. From the situation, person, place, thing that is causing you stress. Mindfully walk away from it and tell yourself to leave it alone for now. If something is important enough, the situation will still be there when you are ready.
  2. Take a walk! Get outside. Go to an old and comforting place or try some place new.
  3. If you can, walk barefoot. This is one of the most grounding and energizing techniques I’ve learned. From a kid and well into today, I’ve always been going barefoot any chance I could.  Feeling the earth directly beneath me gives me such healing energy. While standing/walking on the earth, breathe your stresses down into your feet and into the dirt. Breath in fresh new energy and KNOW that you are okay. Right now.
  4. Turn off the phones and devices. No tv, no texting, no notifications. Not now. It can all wait!
  5. Take a bath. Toss in whatever you have: Herbs, Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, a all natural bath bomb (Thanks Lush!) essential oils or even an oil of choice to create a soothing, moisturizing, relaxing time for yourself. Turn on some music, such as this playlist, but keep the phone outside.
  6. Get sweaty. Workout, run, do some burbees or even do a yoga class. Make it up at home, go online, or go to a studio. Just do something go get your heart rate up, your stress rate down and your tshirt sweaty!
  7. And/or meditate. There are many guided meditations online. I love the ones here. Or simply sit and breathe. No goal, no stress. Just breathe.
  8. Take the time to make yourself a healthy, fulfilling meal. (Or even dessert!) Be mindful of each step, put some boogie music on and enjoy the process of creating something good. If your not much of a chef, take some time to make coffee or tea, and enjoy.

There is something for each day of the week, plus one! Try one, a few or all. Throughout it all, just remember: You must take care of yourself and find some space in order to calmly and lovingly take care of others, and guide your way through life. It’s not crazy to take this time for you. After all, our loved ones, employers, co-workers and those around us do want our best selves. Give yourself that gift, and remember that nothing is permanent.


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