Wasted in January

Hey folks!

I’m here following through on my promise to share what I have wasted (Meaning I couldn’t reuse or recycle it, and didn’t want to keep in my trash jar) each month this year, so here is post #1 for January! I am proud to say the following list isn’t too bad! Unfortunately I have been pretty snuffly and sick lately, so I used a shameful amount of tissues and paper towels. I plan on purchasing some organic cotton napkins and handkerchiefs soon so I can avoid that.

Without further ado….

What I wasted in January!

Paper towels and napkins, 1 tea bag, 3 old garments, 1 q-tip, 1 plastic bag of bunny litter, 2 biodegradable burrito bowls, and 3 compostable coffee cups and lids.

That’s it! I have even shocked myself this month!

One little tip I have for you all, (because I find it hard to avoid plastic wrapping) is to clean the plastic you use and take it all to the Lowes Food or Food Lion. They keep recycling containers outside and it’s recycled right here in NC. Don’t worry, I contacted the companies to ensure they did indeed recycle it. Otherwise, you could try out these Beeswax Reusable Food Wrappers , and these cotton produce bags to reduce your plastic! Keep checking back for more tips and tricks on recycling!

Thanks for reading! <3



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