Wasted in February

Hello March!

I cannot believe February is already over. That means only about 2 months are left until Nolan and I have moved! Everyone keeps asking if we’ve found a place yet, what is out there for us, when is the date, and I just don’t know! As scary as that seems, it’s actually very liberating! Nolan and I are nothing but excited and positive about where life is taking us right now. All we can do at this moment is work hard, save money, and have faith that it’s all good! More updates on the move soon…

Welcome to the second monthly post of what I’ve wasted. I say ”wasted” meaning I couldn’t avoid it, reuse it or recycle it, so it was thrown away. I am on a journey to zero-waste this year and I am happy to start month 3! Now that I have most of the tools I need to prevent trash, it’s been an easier journey. I still find that I have some things to transition away from (PLASTIC, UGH) but it can be challenging when you are not living in your own space, but under someone else’s roof. I we all must do our best despite any limitations!

Firstly, I made 4 awesome updates this month!

Instead of buying Brita filters, containing plastic and are not recyclable, I purchased binchotan charcoal water purifiers. These babies sit pretty in my re-purposed Brita filter and suck all of the bad out of our well water!

Second, I purchased glass water bottles that I found for $5 secondhand. (Also a zero-waste tip! Buy secondhand to avoid packaging and unnecessary production!) We don’t want toxins from plastic seeping into our freshly purified water do we? I found these online which look just like mine, but any mason jars or pasta sauce jars you have work even better! Way cheaper too…

Third: I gave away all of my plastic tupperware. I have nice porcelain ones I found at TJmaxx a while back, but again, mason jars or any glass container works better.

Lastly, I was sick of wasting one plastic trash bag every time I changed the pine litter for my bunny and hedgehog. I discovered I can save the plastic bags their food comes in and just place the litter in there until I carry it out into the woods.

What changes have you made this month? I’d love to hear!

Onward to my list….

Wasted in February!

  • 3 tea bags, strings and tags removed
  • 3 biodegradable burrito bowl bowls
  • 11 body wipes (leftover from when I didn’t use cloths with essential oil post-workout)
  • 4 plastic bags
  • 1 Q-tip
  • 1 straw (the waiter gave me one without my knowing, and also snatched it away before I could stash it in my bag)
  • 1 razor (I now have a stainless steel safety razor)
  • 1 spoon
  • 1 plastics sausage wrapper (Wasn’t able to clean it enough for recycling)
  • 1 foil dish
  • 2 Chinese takeout containers (the food was too rotten to even consider opening them!)
  • 1 mozzarella cheese plastic wrap (also rotten…I forgot it in my car!)
  • TISSUES! I can’t seem to avoid tissues 🙁


  • Make my own mozzarella cheese! I hear its quite easy…
  • Make ahead and freeze my own burrito bowls.
  • Tell the waiters NO straws!
  • Handkerchiefs are needed.

I have goals I want to work on next month for zero waste. I find when shopping for meat, plastic wrap and paper are inevitable. I am soon to call my favorite meat counter to ask if I may bring in my own containers for them to tare.  I will also check out my local deli, asking the same request but for cheese! I love my cheese but I may not always have time to make the mozzarella.


That’s all for now! Thanks so much for reading and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! <3



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