For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a wannabe nomad. I never wanted to stay in, get cozy and relax at home. I longed to be outside, whether it be my backyard, the local woods, downtown, or family friends’ farms and creeks. I always longed to travel as far as I could and push all the boundaries, thinking of myself as an adventurer. Of course between the ages of 5 and 13 there were always some limitations. Eventually I did gain more freedom during family trips. Through the teen years I was always the person to try and scope out the best local clothing shops and food. While I maintained my dreams of traveling far and wide in jungles, beaches, deserts, and beyond, I became distracted by work and my back-then dreams of becoming a fashion designer or stylist. I came to the practice of yoga at the age if 15, but it wasn’t until a few years in, during my hectic work schedule of babysitting and retail store manager, that I recalled the true childhood dreams I have. Eventually being in the fashion world didn’t make sense anymore. I hated working indoors during beautiful days, missing the sunshine and freedoms of life. My yoga practice had unknowingly preserved those nomadic dreams of mine, and brought them back to the surface, and I thank the universe for that every day. 

Fast forward to present day. I, along with my partner Nolan, have lived our entire lives in one small town, (technically a few towns but they are so teensy) and we have outgrown it now. Everything is coming together to aid us make one big adventurous change. 

We are moving to Colorado Springs! 
YES you read it right! I may have mentioned moving to Wilmington, NC this year, but when Nolan and I traveled down for a house hunting visit, out hearts told us this wasn’t the place. We needed be brave, be bold and think bigger. We needed a place to put some distance between us and old ties, to fuel our adventure our dreams, our relationship, our growth and success.  Our hearts led us back again and again to Colorado Springs. I had visited nearly a year ago and had the most amazing time. The air and energy was so clean and fulfilling! After constantly talking about it, Nolan became intrigued, as he had always been a mountain man. 

Skip ahead of just a few weeks ago…

Sitting there with Nolan that morning and making that final desision together felt like we were floating on air with excitement and happiness! We knew that was the place. 

What a beautiful energy-space we are sitting in right now. People mention Colorado and our hearts go a-flutter. We think about being surrounded by mountains and nature, our dog Smidge hiking alongside us, cozying up by the fire planning out our paths to achieve more dreams. And of course, having fun in actual snow! (Moore county ain’t known to get more than a days worth a year) we have so much motivation to work hard and get where we want to be. We see things around us falling into place, and we see events of the past and appreciate them for leading us here today. 
Thank you thank you thank you.

More to come on this next chapter of the Wanderlust story!  Stay tuned…..

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