Wasted in March

Hey there! Welcome to Wasted in March, where I list off everything I had to waste this month. When I say waste, it means I wasn’t able to avoid, reuse or recycle or save said object, so it ended up in the trash. Each month I feel one step closer to being truly zero waste! The hardest things I find to reduce recently are leftover containers, (thankfully most places have made the switch to recycled and recyclable containers!) the stupid straws the bartenders give you by habit, and tissues. I have handkerchiefs, but during this fluctuating NC weather + my poor immune system, sometimes they don’t cut it. Other than that, it’s not been too bad.

Onward and upwards…

Wasted in March
1 paper plastic-lines soap sample
9 tea bags (strings and tags removed and saved)
2 plastic ziplocks
4 squares of parchment paper from meat counter purchases
2 wax cheese cases
2 Q-tips   2-3 dot bandaids
3 paper towers
a few straws I was too slow to grab before the waiters took our drinks

Not too shabby!!

Speaking of being good to the earth, Earth Day is coming up on April 22! That is a Saturday, as usual, and I will be leading my 3rd annual Earth Day yoga in the park. This will be a 1 hour all-levels vinyasa style class taught in the sunshine in Southern Pines downtown park. Bring a mat, friend and water and come meet us there!

Earth Day Yoga – Saturday, April 22 @ 11am

Thanks again for reading, and I hope I can inspire some positive change for Mother Earth!

Sending good vibes ~

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