Clarity + Transformation

I’m writing this today as if I was writing in my journal. I really need to get this out but I want to share this experience with everyone, so as maybe it can inspire or help another. Remember, we are all connected and we are all experiencing real life! Know you are not alone.

Dear journal,

I have been feeling a huge shift recently. Partly because the planets are acting crazy AF (shout out especially to you, Mercury.) partly because this Colorado move is getting closer and closer. And that’s frickin scary. But exciting! I’m so frazzled but also looking forward to the fact that Nolan and I get to completely re-learn a whole new city and state, meet an entire new plethora of people and start our dream lives together! Like, woah!

Something that I have been meditating and pondering a lot is, who do I want to be? I have this fortunate chance to completely start over. I know there are traits of myself I’d rather leave here in NC, and I know there are traits I’d like to re-discover when I move. I am feeling this sense of transformation now more than ever, and I feel that a breakthrough moment is arriving fast.

I have really committed to meditating nearly every day this year. Naturally, it’s working on helping me grow and reconnect. I have started saying no when I need to just stay at home and re-ground. I have introduced the art of letting myself be lazy for a change. I have lost most will to eat crap food, AND I’ve started running a little bit. (That. Is. Huge.) I’m a morning-ish person now! I have been able to control more of my anxiety and stress, and I have committed to sleeping 9 hours every night. (Best. Thing. Ever!) But more recently, when I meditate I begin to feel this riveting energy move through my hands. I feel vibrations of something beyond *this* coming to me, something healing and energizing and electric. When I hold my breath in between those deep, cleansing inhales and exhales, I feel more and more and more clarity. I tap into more healing power which then is allowing me to raise my vibration and get in touch with my intuition, in turn aiding my power to manifest the life of my dreams. It feels wonderful.

I know I’ll never get “there”, meaning even when I reach that point where I have everything I dream of, something else will come into the picture. A new page will turn and more opportunities and goals and dreams will always come to be realized.


I am happy and grateful and SO lucky for the ability to clearly see my desires and bring them to life. I am grateful for this will to never give up and to prove to everyone who’s ever doubted me, wrong.

Things are great. Freaky, but great.

P.s. I just love my dog so much!

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