Wasted in April

Woooooah…..it’s April. Like….hold up there April, where did you go in such a hurry?

It feels like the closer we get to June 13 (Nolan and I’s official move date!) the faster time seems to go! Ive been going crazy with packing, organizing and GETTIN’ rid of SH*T.

It feels so good 🙂

(Don’t worry, it’s all going to be sold or recycled in some way!)

Anywhozels, welcome to Wasted in April! By now, I’m sure you know you know what this post is about. If not, you can read my very first zero waste post, A Year Of Zero Waste here to learn all about my zero waste journey!

Here is what I could not avoid throwing away in Aprl!

2 q-tips

2 of those absorbent packages from fish/chicken packs

1 plastic wrap from wayyy spoiled motzzerella cheese

Paper towels (blehhhh…not too many though, less than 20!)

And I feel like there is maybe 1 plastic ziplock in the mix…not sure.

Better and better I think!

One thing though I do feel bad about is I still end up recycling a ton. So in May, my next goal is to just try extra hard at reducing the waste I produce in the first place. No more brown rice cakes :,( and I’m also going to reduce my meat intake, as my meat counter will not fail my own containers and that’s where lots of my plactic comes from.  Wish me luck!

Coming up I will be posting about my zero-waste move! Everything I’m using is either reused or repourposed to make it work.
Thanks so much for reading!
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Lots of love!

Sophie <3

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