Breathe and Trust

Happy Summertime from Colorado Springs!!
Nolan and I are FINALLY settled(ish) here in the Springs after a brief trip back home for my car, dog, and hedgehog, among other things. We drove back on the 4th of July, leaving at 6am and didn’t stop till 7am the next day in Colorado! (I know, we’re crazy, but the hotel we planned to stop at was not inviting.)

The plus? We saw not one fireworks show, but dozens and dozens as we drove through the night! It was magical. I can cross “Chased the sunset” off  of my bucket list!

My last newsletter touched upon being in “limbo”, waiting to be back home for good, a job, the feeling of hugging my dog again, etc…and while yes, we are in a whole new chapter of limbo, (Send some job opportunities my way please!) I have become overwhelmed with a feeling of trust. I was listening to a podcast yesterday, From the Heart by Rachel Brathen, and this particular episode talked about her story of meditating to find bliss and trust that things will be ok. And while I’ve read her story time and time again, this time I really took it to heart. She said “Trust the the universe will take you where you need to be.”

Mantras, quotes and poems are one of those things that stick with me when I need them to.
Every day I’m on my mat, flowing with my breath, 3 dogs wrestling and bumping into me, and letting go. I meditate on that intention of thinking, saying and being from a place of love and trust.

I know, that if the intention is right and pure, and I give gratitude for what I DO have, I can dream, and receive.  I mean heck, I made it to Colorado on a dream and trust! Why not go for more?
What do you dream of?

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