Wasted in June

Hey hey, and Happy July! I am BACK full swing in my zero waste journey. In May I took a little hiatus because I had SO much to get rid of during the move! I still did my absolute best with recycling, reusing or re-gifting, although some old sheets, clothes, food containers may have ended up in the trash. I can’t dwell on that, however, I must keep thinking of the good I AM doing and focus on that. Keep spreading the word and the mother-earth lovin’!

My rough list of what I’ve wasted in June!  *Wasted meaning I couldn’t avoid, reuse, or recycle said items*

Paper towels and napkins

I am having the WORST time avoiding those. I have purchased cloth towels/napkins to use for meals and cleaning, however in the car ride, it got hard to avoid.

Food Waste (No compost pile here yet!)

Some produce stickers

Fast food containers and bags

We did our best to prep for meals and snacks on the road, but eventually the lunchbox got buried and we stopped for Wendy’s and Taco Bell. I will admit I have eaten my fair share of Taco Bell here in the Springs, due to the fact I had no grocery’s for a while and we were borrowing a friends couch! Alas, I have a fridge full of Trader Joe’s (Hallelujah for a TJs!) and am making delicious, fresh food here.

That’s about it! While I still am struggling with avoiding some things, (coffee cups, boxes, shipping containers, etc…) I still recycle or reuse EVERYTHING.

I’m doing my darnedest and I hope you are too!

Thanks so much for reading more about my Zero Waste lifestyle!



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