A Week In the Life

Firstly, I want to start this email by saying THANK YOU to every one of you that opens and reads my newsletter and thanks to all of my blog readers!
You've gotta know, I try really hard to envision and establish a "brand" for myself, so to speak. I know that the world of yoga, crystals, Mother Earth and all of that woo-woo stuff is where I belong, and I will continue to persue it. However, putting myself out there every month, telling a story of sorts, is FREAKY. I constantly question myself. Who am I to tell my story? Am I really interesting? Is what I am saying impactful? 
I guess the only way to really know, is to trust and continue to flow with it. And to also see my "opened newsletter" percentage rise! Truely, I am sending lots of gratitude to those who read this. I promise to continue evolving, exploring, learning and sharing. 
That being said…welcome to a new segment of YogiSophies Newsletter, A Week in the Life.
The new emails will be focused more on my experiences and lessons throughout the week. I may share photos of food and dogs, storys of my new-found Ashtagna practice, to-dos, and other little spiritual tidbits I've gathered throughout the week. This may be weekly or bi-weekly, who's to say! If yo aren't subscribed already, please do so in the box to the right under my picture!


On Tuesday I started my new job! I work at an AMAZING salon, (I won't say where for security) with lots of great guys and gals, who's roots are in Ayurveda (YAS) and well being. I am so excited not only to work again (it's been 2 months!) but the fact that its not a resteraunt job like I applied for initially, AND the values align with mine, is a huge sigh of relief. I am in familiar territory. 

I also began an Ashtanga yoga practice this week! Why, you ask? 'Cause YogiSophie is going to INDIA NEXT YEAR FOR ASHTANGA YOGA TRAINING!!! 
Thats right! I signed up for a 300 hour Ashtanga training in Goa, India. This will be my first time traveling out of the country, and BONUS I dont even have to go alone! My great yoga friend Laurel will be going with me! Its a dream come true. The training, located at Abhinam Yoga School, will complete my 500 hour training so I can become an RYT-500. I also recently discovered I am over halfway through becoming a E-RYT! (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, according to Yoga alliance standards) 
So many reasons to celebrate this year! 💗🙌🏼🥂

On the lurning curve of life, I've learned the importance of squats. And not eating Taco Bell. I just finished patching 3 pairs of jeans and tossing many shorts out due to those g-damn beefy 5 layer burritos. Tomorrow, Nolan and I are making vision boards of all our weekly workout goals, and posting them at the foot of the bed. Mindbodygreen taught me that is the fung-shui way to manifest these things. 😆 Mine will consist of
*drumroll please*
Dropping 1% of my current body weight
Running 3 miles
Eating 1 salad a day
Ashtanga yoga for 3 hours
Meditation every day for 10 minutes
Yes, this is an acronym for DREAM. I seem to be pretty good at making those come true, so I'll stick to what I know. 💗

PHEW! I am so glad to have the weekend off, cause as I'm sure you can imagine, this week was exhausting. I am so grateful for everything that happened. Busy is good!
Thank you so much for reading. This thread will become tweaked and refined as needed, this week seemed long enough to make it a blog post, (I still may) but thank you for giving it a chance! 
I love feedback! Tell me what your noteworthy moments have been this week, let me know your thoughts, and of course, have an amazing, blissfull weekend! 

~Namaste, Sophie~

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