Vivid Dreams

One night recently, I had an extremely vivid dream. Now, I tend to go in and out of cycles where I dream a lot and they are CRAZY and strange, but other times I don’t dream at all. This one stood out to me most…

Nolan and I are pet sitting a cat for a pair of older lady friends. Out in the backyard is the amazing view of this far off, never-been-explored land. There are big green mountains, and mystery sitting at the tippy top. I am called upon to be the first explorer of this place, knowing in my heart this will change me forever, but also knowing I may never come back.  I struggle with the decision, however, I know I have to go.

For some reason, I then morph into Dwayne The Rock Johnson (not complaining, big fan) and set out on my journey. Once I reach the top, I am Sophie again. (I guess I just needed The Rock body and stamina to make it there?)

During the beginning of my expedition, I’m met by the 2 local clans, and they are at war with each other. The war went on for a good while, but I remember knowing I was a big, if not the main influence in ending it. Next thing I know, ages have flown by. Nolan and I have lived a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling lifetime in a white farmhouse nestled in these mountains. I literally dreamt nearly a lifetime in one night.

Then I “woke up” within my dream. It’s almost as if a portal had taken me back, or put my in an alternate reality where I chose to stay, and things weren’t quite as happy. I felt like I had experienced my own “inception” and had to snap back to present-day reality.

Then I actually woke up. And as I do most nights after dreaming, I say to myself, “WTF was that about?”

*Dwayne’s WTF face*

This one I could actually see into though. The evening prior, I was contemplating the month away I’ll be spending in India come March.  Yep, INDIA. For a whole month. In my previous newsletter I announced my 300-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training I’ll be participating in. The thought of leaving Nolan, work, and my continent (first time!) was stirring up a bit of stress. But what began to scare me the most, is what unknown lay waiting for me over there. Just as the mountains in my dream that were never before explored, I feel like I’m about to embark on one of the biggest, unexplored journeys of my life.

There are so many parts of me I am ready to leave behind, and SO much more I want to open myself up to! And the war between the 2 clans? It may be representing the dvesha, (aversions) and/or Raga (attachments) that come with knowing this.  I know this is what I need, but it’s a scary thought, knowing you may never come back the same. However, in this situation, I know it will be for the greater good. It will be another puzzle piece in leading the happy, peaceful life I dream about.

Do you have crazy dreams? Do you have any tips for first-time international travelers? (AKA me) Please let me know some good stories in the comments below! I’d love to interact with you!

Sending you lots of love and good vibes,


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