Wasted in August

Good evening and welcome to Wasted in August!

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited mercury retrograde is over! Not like the last few weeks have been bad, but they have been a challenge. They have also inspired a lot! The eclipse combined with is brought to the surface a relationship I’d like to come to peace with, but also inspired a launch of testing my new business. I’ve been booking lots of complimentary “chakra cocktail” healing sessions to see where I’m at, and smooth out any bumps and ridges. As soon as I complete that, a friend and I have big plans for the future…stay tuned!

If you’ve been following this series, you know what this is all about, if not, go ahead and click here for my initial post that entails my zero-waste goals for the remainder of the year.

I’ll start this post by saying, the waste this month felt especially minimal, and I believe it has part to do with the ketogenic diet I’ve been on for the past 2 weeks! With my ¬†budget and being totally new to this, I was pretty much living off of boiled eggs and avocados! (I’m not complaining AT ALL, hahaha)

So that leads to the fairly short list this month…here we go!

4 styrofoam plates from meat, complete with the liquid-absorbent pads.

1 q-tip

1 sheet of plastic wrap

1 sheet of aluminum foil

a few mini twix wrappers

about 7-10 doggy bags. (I’m looking into some bio-degradable ones, but I had a ton of regular leftover that I didn’t want to waste.)

That’s all for now folks!! Please share this post and spread the word! Take the time out of your day to care for the planet that serves your entire life. She deserves it!!


Love to all,


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