Keto + Running

Happy Saturday and I hope your weekend has had a fantastic start!

I’m here today to speak about my recent re-ignition of my fitness routine and diet. I decided to cut cold-turkey and commit to a ketogenic diet a couple weeks ago, and my roommate (shout out Havi!) and I have inspired each other to commit to working out, even if it’s not with each other. So far, so good! I started this at 145 pounds, (the most I’ve ever weighed, even though I’m not complaining, as it all contributed to a nice bootay) and I am typing this weighing in at 138 pounds.

The weekdays are way easier for staying on track, but the weekends, when your meal-prep runs out, are indeed hard. In case you aren’t familiar, the ketogenic diet is where your body learns to use energy from keytones instead of carbs. You eat 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs, and depriving your body of carbs trains it to burn the keytones.  That said, I had some pasta, wine, and pizza.

I’ve been living off of lots of fried eggs, boiled eggs, avocados, cheese, chicken and zucchini bites, and snow peas. During this process, I’ve realized keto is HARD. It seemed easy at first because I can eat tons of cheese and avocados, but the list of fruits and veggies I can’t eat, (because, carbs) and that is frikin’ long. I love brussell sprouts, and strawberries, and I couldn’t even have carrots or bananas. So I’m learning to find a balance with eating just plain CLEAN.

Organic, simple, fresh.

Keeping it as low carb and sugar as I can, but I’m not counting anymore. I tested out counting everything by using the life-sum app, which I recommend if you are looking to start a new routine! Seeing and tracking everything you eat and do is definite motivation, but I began to hate on myself when I didn’t do good enough.

On the fitness side of things….

I’ve become a runner!


Yes. It’s true.

Now, most of ya’ll know I scoffed at running for….my whole life. However, I know I needed more cardio in my life, and I can’t always make it to yoga, (or commit to the hour of a home practice that I need) so running seemed like a good option.

Now, I’m not looking to marathon.

I’m quite happy with learning to run a 5K, so I can run 5Ks with my 5K runnin’ friends.

I’ve run about 4 times per week for nearly 3 weeks now. I went from a 20 minute mile to 2 miles in 20 minutes, and I couldn’t feel better! My ONLY complaint is it makes walking incredibly hard directly after. My calves hurt like crazy, and I can’t help but hunch over and tip-toe around. If anyone knows the best way to cool down after runs, please share with miss novice over here! I do lunges and chair pose as well as quad stretches before and after, and I also walk a block for cool down.

I’ve also discovered, after walking barefoot/in sandals (or platforms) my entire life, wearing actual supportive running sneakers seems to be causing some problems in my feet and ankles. I have random spats of sharp pain, walking in sneakers causes pain in my ankles, and it definitely worries me.  I’ve heard wearing super supportive shoes isn’t that great for you in the end anyway…something about our feet note being evolved for that and causing them to be weaker? (Similar to the whole bra thing, where wearing a bra weakens the chest muscles and leads to more sagging. #brafreelife over here!)

Let me know your thoughts, and please let me know your fave, not too cushy sneakers to run in. I swear to you, running in flip flops is more comfortable than sneakers.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! I’ll keep ya posted on my goals and progress as time goes on.

Have a fantastic weekend and make good healthy choices!

Lots of love, Sophie

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