Wasted in September

Happy October!!

Fall is here and change is in the air! I am feeling it big time…are you??

Just this week alone has roughed up the usually-calm ocean that is my mind.  Today I am feeling completely bliss-ed out, due to taking time and relaxing in the cool fall air outside, staring at the mountains, and being with people I love But yesterday, I was so full of anger and sadness that nothing I did seemed to matter. At the end of a long day, I’m not sure what lesson I was to supposed to learn. I practice patience, peace and treating others as I would like to be treated on a daily basis. We all have bad days I guess…but for this October, look for all of the opportunities that are to come! Even in the murkiest of waters….

This past month was a challenge when it comes to being zero-waste. I didn’t plan meals out well enough, which led to eating out and that led to packaging. My trouble is, I am extremely good at recycling what I produce. However, I kinda suck at avoiding waste in the first place. So a few things I’ve done to prep for October success is

  1. I placed a few mason jars and produce bags in the car with my shoppers, that way if i stop at the bulk store on the way home, I can actually BUY bulk with no packaging.
  2. I meal planned! The roomies and I got together and planned out the weeks meals, fitness routines, chore charts and grocery list. I went shopping at Trader Joes and spend $90 on meal supplies for 4 peoples meals for the week!! (Budgeted meal planning guide to come!!!)
  3. Have a little list of grab and go snacks that are healthy! Yogurt, granola and berries are my number 1. I also have planned to make a dip and snack each week for everyone to grab last second. Guac and carrot sticks, energy balls, pumpkin bread and much more!!

So lets hope October goes smoother! For now, what I’ve wasted in September!

2 bio-degradable food containers

5 plastic bags

6 doggie bags (my dog tends to use the backyard before walks)

2 Q-tips

3 styrofoam platters

napkins (Grrrr….)

a few “fun size” kit kat wrappers

2 drink straws that I did take from the bar, but then forgot at another bar.

Buffalo wild wings cardboard food container

Also, I had a 1’x2′ cardboard box full of plastic wrappers I was going to take to the proper recycling facility, but unfortunately someone tossed them out and if they went to the trash, then boo. If they went to the recycle bin, then still…boo. As almost NO recycling agency I know of will accept styrofoam or plastic wrappers in recycling! Some will even toss the WHOLE CONTAINER of recycling in the trash so they don’t have to recycle it. It sucks, but that is the harsh reality. That is why it’s up to YOU and ME to make a difference, and avoid plastic as much as we can! (www.lifewithoutplastic.com has lots of zero waste alternatives) And if you happen to come across it, clean it, save it and take it to the proper place. In Colorado, I’ve discovered that king soopers have the proper bins for plastic.

That is all I have for now. Stay tuned for more threads and articles headed your way! Before you bid adou, subscribe to my twice monthly newsletter, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify!

Lots of love and good vibes!!


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