Expectations and Independence

Have you ever been in an experience where what you contributed, has, in your mind, expected a certain something? Have we had high expectations of a person, be that a partner, friend or co-worker, just to be let own and baffled when those expectations aren’t met?
Then again, should I expect anything from anyone?
I’ve been carrying around nuummite lately. I often choose stones by intuition, but today I discovered it’s purposes.
“Nuummite severs present life embroilment that stem from past manipulation. Nuummite connects you to your true self. Cutting through to your core, it reprograms your thoughts and insists that you be responsible for your own protection. It teaches respect and honor, demanding the fulfillment of obligations and promises that are relevant life today and letting go those that are not.”
From The Crystal Bible Vol 2, by Judy Hall

I feel like this is exactly what I needed. My life was uprooted just months ago, moving from NC to CO. I have such a drive to achieve all of the goals and dreams I’ve set, some dating as far back as my childhood.
I will never settle.
How many of us have told ourselves this?
How many times have we lied? Who are we to expect so much?

I have felt so uprooted lately, so I knew this stone would ground me. I’m beginning to *slowly* shed the reactions that aren’t truly me. While at the same time, I let my true self feel free. (Like screaming at the top of my lungs on multiple occasions Monday) I came to CO with the desire to be a little more open to working with others, giving, and following through. I am a person who believes teamwork goes a long way. I also have an issue with taking control of preparing and organizing the next goal, relationship struggle, or schedule the team is going to work on, and I often end up on my own anyway. But if those folks don’t commit, should you let yourself give up, get upset at them, or brush it off?

No. Because ultimately, everyone is on their own journey. While I may be ready for the next step, they may not. After carrying this stone, I have begun to realize the importance of self reliance, following through on promises I’ve made to myself, and being there for me, while holding on to the importance of giving. We can’t spread ourselves too thin though. We can’t do everything for everyone and expect them to reciprocate, and expect ourselves to remain sane.

How can we expect so much from others, when we don’t even know what to expect from ourselves?
So long as dreams are dreamt and hearts beat on, know that we can all achieve what out truest, best selves desire.

But remember, sometimes life has to fall apart to fall into place.
Take some time to be outside, connect to the earth and listen to yourself, and begin to shed patterns and reactions that don’t serve you. Take time to listen to those you love. October’s full moon brings truth and change, Let there be love to guide you.

Happy Harvest Moon everyone!

Love and light,

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