Wasted in October

Happy October!!

Brr…..November in Colorado sure brings some chill! It has been rather exiting though. It snowed a couple weeks ago, and again on Halloween! The cold here is tolerable. Not the nasty wet cold the south can get, but a dry cold that is only bad with wind.

How was everyone’s October? It was a major month of change and transformation….the month for laying out your plan and with November, brings the energy to transmute plans and thoughts into actions! Let go of all that won’t help you to your next goal, your next dream. You have just as much of a right to be happy and break free as anyone else. It’s up to YOU. For me, that required quitting with studying my many interests all at once, and trying to push my business to an insane start, to shifting to a more empathetic, communicative state of mind. I was focusing so much on pushing to get “going” with everything that I didn’t take time to talk, feel, or connect with others. Connection and community is the most important. Without the connection and love humans exchange between others, there is no feeling of wholeness, love and one-ness with the universe. We are left with isolation, distance, and little emotion. I used the Taurus full moon on Friday as a chance to cast a new intention of empathy and focus into the universe. I’ve been in strange mood swings since then, so we shall see is what to come of it. For now, I sit, hold my crystals, and breathe. Dig deeper, and find my Self.

Speaking of community and one-ness….it’s time for Wasted in October. My year-long Zero Waste challenge is nearing to a close, but with this year I’ve noticed so much more going on in this world. I know where my flaws lie and what I can do, but I find it so hard to not feel sad when I see everyone else who seems so “disconnected” to their Mother Earth, what they produce and what that waste brings. Of course, I know all I can do is spread kind awareness and encourage support for our earth, so I must simply keep at that…hard as it may be.

New update: I finally have a real actual compost bin!
It’s this cute little one by Full Circle. It came with a few biodegradable “plant plastic” bags, however I have found other bags the same size for a little better deal. Regardless, this little bin looks super cute sitting on the grill.

And now….My list of what I’ve Wasted in October!

1 taffy wrapper  2 q-tips   1 set of trash from a hardees burger combo

1 plastic bag  4 cotton rounds  1 beer bottle (not my choice! silly open container laws….)

1 taco bell salsa pack   1 milk box    1 makeup sample packet     8 butter papers

1 hunk of plastic    1 sheet plastic wrap    5 mini chocolate bar wrappers. (damn you KitKats!)

There was have it!! Lots of  little things this month, now that I see it all laid out. This month of November, I’m going gluten and sugar free (the best I can during Thanksgiving) so that will require me to eat super clean, lots of veggies and fried eggs!! I’ll see you on my next Zero Waste post next month. For now, stay warm and live well!!


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