Saturday night, I learned it’s okay to need somebody. Monday night, I learned that I am my own person. I am an actual adult. I learned that┬áNolan and I are a family. Our own kind of family. A family that can have a fresh start to do whatever, be whoever we want to be. […]

Social Media Stress

Hello Beautiful! I’m writing today about some important issues I’ve recently fallen victim too. It’s been causing me to over-think what I do on a day-to-day basis, and constantly put myself down because I CANT manage to do it all. And I’ve finally pinpointed the source of my stress… Social Media. I love it, but […]

Chakra Meditation ~ Balance

Good evening everyone, and Happy Rainy Memorial Day to those of you relaxing at home, snuggled with your dogs and hot tea. I am really happy to give you this new meditation “sequence” or “technique” that I just began while sitting in one of my own meditations. I hope it may help some of you […]


This is a very exciting post to write for ya’ll, as I just returned from my FIRST big solo trip (ever) to Colorado Springs! ┬áIf you have seen my snapchat, you probably know who Bandit the cat is. He was my foster kitty, and his parents live here in the Springs. I used the return […]

Hello, Soul Seeker!

Between ideas of right doing, and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. And when the soul lies down in that grass, the world will be to big to talk about. ~Rumi   I’m glad you made it here! My name is Sophie, and at the time I am writing this, […]

Caffeine and You

If you are like the old Sophie, then the thought of not waking up to coffee wasn’t even an option. It was a nightmare. This is you, all day:   If you’re like the present Sophie, then you have learned to start your days without it, and appreciate caffeine in moderation. If you want to […]