Wasted in October

Happy October!! Brr…..November in Colorado sure brings some chill! It has been rather exiting though. It snowed a couple weeks ago, and again on Halloween! The cold here is tolerable. Not the nasty wet cold the south can get, but a dry cold that is only bad with wind. How was everyone’s October? It was […]

Wasted in September

Happy October!! Fall is here and change is in the air! I am feeling it big time…are you?? Just this week alone has roughed up the usually-calm ocean that is my mind.  Today I am feeling completely bliss-ed out, due to taking time and relaxing in the cool fall air outside, staring at the mountains, […]

Wasted in August

Good evening and welcome to Wasted in August! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited mercury retrograde is over! Not like the last few weeks have been bad, but they have been a challenge. They have also inspired a lot! The eclipse combined with is brought to the surface a relationship I’d […]

Wasted in July

Hello and happy August!  I am finally settled in here in Colorado Springs, I’ve found a amazing full-time job, I’m beginning to utilize my yoga and crystal healing biz, and I’ve even had my first out-of-town visitor! (Holla at the lil’ sis Clara!) Slowly but surely, the zero waste lifestyle has become easy again. I’ve […]

Wasted in June

Hey hey, and Happy July! I am BACK full swing in my zero waste journey. In May I took a little hiatus because I had SO much to get rid of during the move! I still did my absolute best with recycling, reusing or re-gifting, although some old sheets, clothes, food containers may have ended […]

Wasted in April

Woooooah…..it’s April. Like….hold up there April, where did you go in such a hurry? It feels like the closer we get to June 13 (Nolan and I’s official move date!) the faster time seems to go! Ive been going crazy with packing, organizing and GETTIN’ rid of SH*T. It feels so good 🙂 (Don’t worry, […]

Wasted in March

Hey there! Welcome to Wasted in March, where I list off everything I had to waste this month. When I say waste, it means I wasn’t able to avoid, reuse or recycle or save said object, so it ended up in the trash. Each month I feel one step closer to being truly zero waste! […]

Wasted in February

Hello March! I cannot believe February is already over. That means only about 2 months are left until Nolan and I have moved! Everyone keeps asking if we’ve found a place yet, what is out there for us, when is the date, and I just don’t know! As scary as that seems, it’s actually very […]

Wasted in January

Hey folks! I’m here following through on my promise to share what I have wasted (Meaning I couldn’t reuse or recycle it, and didn’t want to keep in my trash jar) each month this year, so here is post #1 for January! I am proud to say the following list isn’t too bad! Unfortunately I have […]

A Year of Zero Waste

Those of you who know me are well aware I’m a huge utilize of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  Introducing these steps (in that order) into my life has been one of the easiest ways to help the world become a better place, and I feel I make a difference. This year, I have set a […]