This is a very exciting post to write for ya’ll, as I just returned from my FIRST big solo trip (ever) to Colorado Springs! ┬áIf you have seen my snapchat, you probably know who Bandit the cat is. He was my foster kitty, and his parents live here in the Springs. I used the return […]


  Also known as Foodie Heaven. At least in my book! I recently returned from a lovely weekend trip to Asheville, NC. It was about time for a trip away, to escape for a bit, as I’ve been stressing myself out to the max with anxiety over how much I work, my personal relationships, and […]

Summer Plans

    It’s not about what I WEAR. It’s not about what I WANT. It’s about how I FEEL. What I need is all inside OF ME I create my own HAPPINESS. This is my mantra for the next few months. I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity. My main job as a nanny, […]