Vivid Dreams

One night recently, I had an extremely vivid dream. Now, I tend to go in and out of cycles where I dream a lot and they are CRAZY and strange, but other times I don’t dream at all. This one stood out to me most… Nolan and I are pet sitting a cat for a […]

Breathe and Trust

Happy Summertime from Colorado Springs!! Nolan and I are FINALLY settled(ish) here in the Springs after a brief trip back home for my car, dog, and hedgehog, among other things. We drove back on the 4th of July, leaving at 6am and didn’t stop till 7am the next day in Colorado! (I know, we’re crazy, […]


This is a very exciting post to write for ya’ll, as I just returned from my FIRST big solo trip (ever) to Colorado Springs! ┬áIf you have seen my snapchat, you probably know who Bandit the cat is. He was my foster kitty, and his parents live here in the Springs. I used the return […]


  Also known as Foodie Heaven. At least in my book! I recently returned from a lovely weekend trip to Asheville, NC. It was about time for a trip away, to escape for a bit, as I’ve been stressing myself out to the max with anxiety over how much I work, my personal relationships, and […]

Summer Plans

    It’s not about what I WEAR. It’s not about what I WANT. It’s about how I FEEL. What I need is all inside OF ME I create my own HAPPINESS. This is my mantra for the next few months. I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity. My main job as a nanny, […]