Wasted in December (Final Month!)

Happy wintertime folks! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and how on earth has everyone been?! I’m finally back from a long hiatus of writing, blogging, and recovering my body from recurring illness. When I moved to Colorado, I knew this was the chance to make everything I have envisioned for myself HAPPEN. With that came […]

A Week In the Life

Firstly, I want to start this email by saying THANK YOU to every one of you that opens and reads my newsletter and thanks to all of my blog readers! You've gotta know, I try really hard to envision and establish a "brand" for myself, so to speak. I know that the world of yoga, […]

Zero-Waste Moving

We DID IT!! Nolan and I made it to Colorado Springs. Life and this journey have been so good to us. We are full of gratitude and excitement. You may or may not have noticed a lack of a “Wasted in May” blog post, and I explain it further down. As you  are (hopefully) aware […]

Clarity + Transformation

I’m writing this today as if I was writing in my journal. I really need to get this out but I want to share this experience with everyone, so as maybe it can inspire or help another. Remember, we are all connected and we are all experiencing real life! Know you are not alone. Dear […]


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a wannabe nomad. I never wanted to stay in, get cozy and relax at home. I longed to be outside, whether it be my backyard, the local woods, downtown, or family friends’ farms and creeks. I always longed to travel as far as I could […]

YogiSophies Kitchen ~ Simple Avocado Egg Salad

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! Today may be the first day its actually feeling cold here at home, but that’s not stopping me from sharing this yummy, quick, make-ahead-eat-all-week recipe that is also slightly summer-y….Oh well! This will save your quick-and-easy-lunch life, keep you super full and its packed with protein and completely […]