Welcome to my page of offerings!

Below you will find a list of every vessel I know how to utilize to create the desired outcome.  I am a strong believer that every being should have access to the amazing powers of yoga and self care. Therefore, you will not find me charging a days worth of work for an hour of yoga.

All services cost : $10 per half hour – Group sessions are $10 per person per hour.

My signature “Chakra Cocktail” sessions are my most popular offering. We take 1.5-2 hours, detecting any imbalance and using your “cocktail” of crystals, yoga, aromatherapy, tarot readings and reiki healing to open, align, and guide you back to balance.

I am a RYT 200, soon to be 500 come April 2018. I have been teaching for 5 years, practicing for nearly 7 years. I am fully insured and protected by Alliant Insurance Services Inc.