A Year of Zero Waste

Those of you who know me are well aware I’m a huge utilize of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  Introducing these steps (in that order) into my life has been one of the easiest ways to help the world become a better place, and I feel I make a difference. This year, I have set a […]

YogiSophies Kitchen ~ Blueberry Cacao Chai Smoothie

Happy Saturday folks! I hope your weekend is a swell one. This is a work weekend for me, but next weekend Nolan and I are headed on down to Wilmington for a quick getaway to see some friends and possibly some apartments! I am introducing a quick and easy smoothie that you (and the family!) […]

When your having a bad week….

We’ve all been there at some point. As soon as you can, take as much time for yourself as life allows and go through this list. These relaxing activities of mindfulness and letting go help me to feel better after a stressful week/day/hour and I only wish for them to assist others so that you […]

Crafty YogiSophie – Glittery Acorns!

Channeling my second chakra…lets get crafty! I’ve always loved seeing glittery acorns filling vases, hanging from mobiles, or sittin’ pretty in decorative dishes. After a few years of acorn-envy, I’ve finally set out to make my own. Mobile-style! I love this craft because it uses mainly natural supplies you can find outside, and then you’ve […]

YogiSophies Kitchen ~ Simple Avocado Egg Salad

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! Today may be the first day its actually feeling cold here at home, but that’s not stopping me from sharing this yummy, quick, make-ahead-eat-all-week recipe that is also slightly summer-y….Oh well! This will save your quick-and-easy-lunch life, keep you super full and its packed with protein and completely […]


  Saturday night, I learned it’s okay to need somebody. Monday night, I learned that I am my own person. I am an actual adult. I learned that Nolan and I are a family. Our own kind of family. A family that can have a fresh start to do whatever, be whoever we want to be. […]

Social Media Stress

Hello Beautiful! I’m writing today about some important issues I’ve recently fallen victim too. It’s been causing me to over-think what I do on a day-to-day basis, and constantly put myself down because I CANT manage to do it all. And I’ve finally pinpointed the source of my stress… Social Media. I love it, but […]

Chakra Meditation ~ Balance

Good evening everyone, and Happy Rainy Memorial Day to those of you relaxing at home, snuggled with your dogs and hot tea. I am really happy to give you this new meditation “sequence” or “technique” that I just began while sitting in one of my own meditations. I hope it may help some of you […]


This is a very exciting post to write for ya’ll, as I just returned from my FIRST big solo trip (ever) to Colorado Springs!  If you have seen my snapchat, you probably know who Bandit the cat is. He was my foster kitty, and his parents live here in the Springs. I used the return […]

To Feel is to be Alive

Lastnight, I cried. Lastnight, I felt sad and overwhelmed. Lastnight, I looked up and I saw a big, bright, beautiful orange moon, and It reminded me of how big and vast and this life is, and I allowed myself to feel. Through my practice of yoga, I am able to stay present and calm through […]